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Mr. Paul's Welcome,
OUR MISSION: To Teach private and group stringed instrument lessons for the violin, viola, cello and string bass in a creative and fun enviroment. To encourage the love of music, confidence, success, great self-esteem while mastering a life skill. We provide the highest caliber private and group stringed instrument education to all students so they may enjoy learning and find joy in making music.

I have been privileged to teach Stringed Instruments for the last 40 years. String Instruments attract the most wonderful and gifted students with amazing intellectual accuity. I am fortunate to have studied with great teachers who shared with me a violin tradition going back to the very begining of the violin. Sharing this tradition with the our next generation of string players is my passion, mission and legacy. The intellectual benefits of playing a stringed instruments are unique in that the learning process actually increases brain activity and raises I.Q.s., it stimulates the activity in the frontal lobs and cerebral cortex and connects the brain hemispheres in a wonderful and unique way. Students who start at an early age are transformed by their string education experience. As a group when in high school, stringed instrument students test highest in; Engineering, Math, Science, Languages, History and Logic. The social and musical benefits of playing in our orchestras and the intellectual growth recieved in private lessons makes playing a stringed instrument a very wise choice and great investment for any student. 

Our tradition starts with Arcangelo Corelli (1653-1713) and encompasses all the sujsequent great violinists of the 18 and 19th century. From Corelli to Somis, to Pugnani, to Viotti, to Rode and Kreutzer, to Joseph Bohm, to Jakob Dont, to George Hellsmenber, to Sr., Joseph Joachim, to Leopold Auer to Ilza Neimack to me to my students. The close association these violinist had with composers such as Beethoven, Brahms and Tchaikovsky, give us a very special insite into their music. 



​Paul R. Dagle, Instructor, Founder and Director


Our Philosophy

Each child has great potential. A positive, fun, focused and creative environment combined with the highest caliber training will result in amazing growth. We mentor, educate and guide each student through their technical and musical development while instilling self-steem,  confidence and musical excellence by discovering the joy of making music.

Teaching Students how to be successful. Building on one success upon an other.

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